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Acorn in Bolton – Workforce population



  • Acorn is a segmentation tool that groups households based on where they live, and helps to understand the different types of communities that make up a larger population and their likely needs, behaviours and opinions relating to a wide range of topics.
  • Acorn is based in where people live, but many people spend a substantial amount of time away from home, at work. Workplace Acorn describes the people who work in each local area. Their Acorn type is determined using their home address, and where people work is estimated from 2011 census data. Ward worker populations are very variable, so Workplace Zones can be used to build up new geographies.
  • Bolton’s workforce population is fairly evenly split: just over a quarter of workers belong to each of ‘4 Financially stretched’ and ‘3 Comfortable communities’ while just under a quarter belong to each of ‘5 Urban adversity’ and ‘1 Affluent achievers’.
  • Compared with residents, the Bolton workforce contains relatively higher proportions of the more affluent Acorn categories and lower proportions of the more deprived Acorn categories. This results in a more even distribution of workers across wards and more homogenous makeup of ward workers than seen in the resident population. Although the differences are smaller, the wards with the highest proportion of affluent residents still tended to be those with higher proportions of affluent workers and relatively fewer deprived workers.
  • The wards containing Bolton town centre (Great Lever, Halliwell and Crompton) are among the most deprived in terms of residents, but when the workforce is considered the wards have a profile much more typical of Bolton as a whole.
  • The insights gained from Acorn data are particularly useful when combined with locally collected data. Acorn data could be used to add value particularly by providing detail about people’s lifestyle choices in wider areas of their life. Workplace Acorn could be used to target employers where workers are likely to be made up of particular Acorn types, groups and categories. It could also be used to guide promotion of products and services which are aimed at the worker population rather than the resident population, particularly where there are large differences between the two.

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