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Bolton’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2013-2016


This is the first Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Bolton. It sets out Bolton’s priorities for improving health and health services over the next 3 years. The Health and Wellbeing Board for the first time brings together commissioners and decision makers from across the Bolton Family to develop a shared approach to improving health and quality of life for the people of Bolton. There is a unique opportunity for these challenges to be addressed. 

The strategy itself takes a life course approach, with separate chapters focusing upon a different life stage:
  • Starting Well
  • Developing Well
  • Living Well
  • Working Well
  • Ageing Well
  • End of Life
Within each chapter goals have been set for key areas: 
  • Helping people to stay well
  • Identifying and dealing with problems early
  • Ensuring the best quality care and experience for those with health and/or social care needs
  • Making sure we better address the needs of the most vulnerable
The Health and Wellbeing Strategy should be essential reading for all with a remit in health, care or wellbeing.  

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