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Bolton JSNA Indicator Sheet: Binge Drinking


This is the Binge Drinking JSNA Indicator Sheets from the Behaviour and Access to Services section. JSNA Indicator Sheets summarise the current position and recent trends for Bolton, comparators to Bolton, and inequalities across population groups and geographical areas of Bolton.

  • Binge drinking is higher in Bolton men than Bolton women;
  • From modelled estimates, Bolton's binge drinking is lower than is average for the Greater Manchester connurbation;
  • Locally, binge drinking shows no change in Bolton women and an increase in Bolton men;
  • The lesser deprived quintiles of Bolton's popualtion have the highest rates of binge drinking;
  • The White British have by far the highest rate of binge drinking locally;
  • Following the deprivation pattern of Bolton, the lesser deprived North and West of Bolton have the highest rates of binge drinking.

Information Type

JSNA Indicator Sheet

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Population Level



Public Health Intelligence Team, NHS Bolton


Alcohol, Binge Drinking



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