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Bolton JSNA Indicator Sheet: BMI Obese


This is the BMI Obese JSNA Indicator Sheet from the Behaviour and Access to Services section. JSNA Indicator Sheets summarise the current position and recent trends for Bolton, comparators to Bolton, and inequalities across population groups and geographical areas of Bolton.


  • Obesity is higher in Bolton women than Bolton men;
  • From modelled estimates, obesity in Bolton is average for the Greater Manchester connurbation;
  • Locally, obesity has been increasing consistently for both genders;
  • There is an inequality gradient for obesity in Bolton with the most deprived having the highest prevalence of obesity;
  • The Black, Asian Pakistani, and White Other ethnicities have the highest rates of obesity in Bolton;
  • Those disabled in Bolton are far more likely to be obese;
  • Obesity is more common in the areas of Deane & Middle Hulton, Central Farnworth, and Townleys.

Information Type

JSNA Indicator Sheet

Geographical Level


Population Level



Public Health Intelligence Team, NHS Bolton


Obesity, Overweight, BMI, Weight Management


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