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Bolton JSNA Indicator Sheet: Teenage Pregnancy


This is the Teenage Pregnancy JSNA Indicator Sheet from the Child and Maternal Health section (updated May 2015). JSNA Indicator Sheets summarise the current position and recent trends for Bolton, comparators to Bolton, and inequalities across population groups and geographical areas of Bolton.


  • In Bolton there are approximately 200 conceptions to teenage girls per year and currently the conception rate is higher than the average for England, but lower then that for the North West;
  • Local, regional, and national rates do show a slow decline over time;
  • The proportion of mothers in Bolton who are under the age of 18 (2.2%) is almost exactly average for Bolton's statistical peer group;
  • There currently persist geographical inequalities in the teenage conception rate across Bolton with the more deprived predominantly White British areas having the highest rates. This is reinforced by the statistically significant difference in the rate between the most and least deprived fifths of our population.

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