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Potential Care Need Index Ward Info Pack -Halliwell and Crompton


The Potential Care Needs Index classifies the older population of Bolton (aged 50+) according to their risk of future early reliance upon intensive social care and support services.  The Index has been constructed by combining a range of risk factors known to be associated with early reliance on social care services such as living alone, having alcohol problems, and experiencing reduced daily activities and similar. The aim of the Index is preventative and is designed to target people before they become too ill and need to access social care. A full list of the indicators used and the methodology used to construct the Index is available in the accompanying brochure ‘Supporting independence and preventing the escalation of care need in older people in Bolton’.

Information Type

Evidence Summary

Geographical Level


Population Level

Older People


Public Health Intelligence Team, NHS Bolton


PCNI, Crompton, Halliwell, Need, Older People, Poverty



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